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The establishment of the International Office is in accordance with the Statute of President University which states that the cooperation with other institutions aims to 1) foster partnerships, 2) to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, creativity, innovation, quality of academic society in the implementation of tri dharma of higher education and 3) to improve campus facilities.

The implementation of international cooperation policy at President University is carried out, especially, by the International Office. The cooperation in student exchange, cultural immersion program, and any academic and non-academic activities with partner universities overseas are also managed by the International Office . The International Office of President University has the commitment to global education thus any cooperation established with foreign universities aims to improve the quality of faculty, quality of students, and the quality of education at President University.

In General, the activities of International Office are divided into two categories:

  • I. Productive activities : implementation of student exchange , study abroad, cultural immersion programs , joint degree and dual degree , joint seminar , visiting lecturers overseas, leaders exchange for the purposes of diplomacy and pilot cooperation, etc.
  • II. Receptive activities : inviting speakers from other institutions, or receiving official visits from other institutions for activities such as signing the MoU.


To be a one-stop service for campus internationalization efforts.


To facilitate inbound and outbound student and scholar mobility, to support the creation of multicultural and global-mindset community and to ease the settlement of international community on campus.


International Office (IO) of President University consists of 4 divisions: International Student and Scholar Service (ISSS), Education Abroad (EA), Intercultural Outreach Program (IOP), and Communication and Documentation (CAD) divisions.

International Student and Scholar Service (ISSS)

International Student and Scholar Service (ISSS) provides information, services and programs that help international students and visiting scholars achieve their individual educational and personal goals and foster an appreciation for a culturally diverse learning environment at President University. The division also handles the Student Visa, KITAS, and various administrative documents for international students and scholars throughout their stay at President University.

Education Abroad (EA)

Education Abroad (EA) provides the most academically sound and cost-effective programs at partner universities overseas. Programs run by EA are semester exchange program, continuing education program (Graduates and Post-Graduates programs), joint-degree and dual-degree programs.

Intercultural Outreach Program (IOP)

Intercultural Outreach Program (IOP) provides customized, short-term program for students, faculty, and professional groups domestically and internationally. Programs run by IOP are Cultural Immersion Programs, Study Tour Programs, International Festivals, Edufair, International Seminars, and many more.

Communication and Documentation (CAD)

Communication and Documentation (CAD) disseminates information about the various programs run by International Office to the stakeholders of President University. The mediums used by CAD are but not limited to University Official Website, Campus Magazine, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.


  • Post Graduate Diploma (PgD)
  • Cultural Immersion Program
  • Foreign Language Program
  • Semester Exchange Program
  • Joint Degree Program
  • Double Degree Program


Short Term: International Office Organizational Restructuring, Designing International Office Handbook and Policies, Cultural Immersion and Language Programs, Short Course Programs, International Enrichment Seminars/Workshops/Courses.
Middle Term: Continuing education for Masters and Doctorates Programs, Joint Research, Internship and Social Cause Exchange, Semester exchange, Postgraduate Diploma / Certified Professional Qualifications.
Long Term: Dual Degree Programs or Sandwich Programs, Joint Degree Programs, Faculty, Staff and Student Exchange Programs.


Contact Person / Office

International Office
Phone:+62 21 8910 9762 ext. 106

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