Published: 18 Jan 2022

Tuesday (11/1), Dr. Iman Permana, B.S.(P.E.), M.M., a lecturer at President University (PresUniv), and Jazak Yus Afriansyah, a Master of Technology Management student, PresUniv, donated the Growing Underpressure book that they wrote. This book is a collaboration between lecturer and student. The book was received directly by Neilany Edwina, Head of the Adam Kurniawan Library, and Maria Jacinta Arquisola, BA, MHRM, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Business PresUniv, at the Adam Kurniawan Library.

Jazak revealed, the pandemic has made many people encounter difficulties and pressures. Nevertheless, some people can thrive due to the pressure. “This book provides techniques for dealing with the pressures that occur to make us grow. Many do not believe that humans can thrive with adversity. We want to change that belief through this book and inspire readers,” he explained. Jazak emphasized, do not be afraid to face pressure and not run away from pressure, but face it, grow and develop with it.

Meanwhile, Iman said that this book provides ways to manage things that come from outside the human body, called pressure, and how to manage reactions and responses to these things to develop. "Not to be down or frustrated," he said. Iman said, actually living things need pressure. For example, plants need the gravitational force of the earth to grow. “Therefore, pressure is needed in life. If there is no pressure at all, life is meaningless," he said. Iman hopes that readers can apply the techniques in this book to make their lives happier. (Gilang Suryanata, PR team. Photo: Gilang Suryanata)