Published: 25 Jan 2022

Tuesday (18/01), the Mechanical Engineering Study Program, President University (PresUniv), held an exhibition and poster presentation of the seven students' projects. This activity is an assessment component of a combination of two courses, namely Industrial Automation and Engineering Design Project. These two courses are a substitute for the thesis. This poster exhibition is held for ten days, from January 10 to January 18, 2022. Students are also required to make presentations about the posters and demo prototypes they have made. This presentation and demo were attended by 30 Mechanical Engineering Study Program students.

This exhibition and presentation activity raised the theme of Otomasi Industri Berbasis Sistem Arduino. Dr. Ir. Wahyono Sapto Widodo, M.Eng, a lecturer in the Industrial Automation course, said that this activity is expected to reference Mechanical Engineering students who want to take the course. "This also motivates students, especially students of Mechanical Engineering Study Program, in completing their final project or thesis, especially related to industrial automation," he said.

The seven projects featured in this exhibition, among others, are the design of an arduino-based automatic hand sanitizer & thermometer for the prevention of the Covid-19 virus; automatic fire detection and water extinguishing sensors using arduino control; analysis of metal cutting quality on a plasma Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine using the CP/CPK method; 3 axis CNC plasma metal cutting machine design; electrical design of 3 axis CNC plasma metal cutting machine; prototype automatic turnstile using arduino-based bluetooth; and prototype mini forklift arduino control. (Gilang Suryanata, PR team. Photo: Doc. the Mechanical Engineering Study Program)