What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 26 Apr 2022

Management Study Program, President University (PresUniv), held a national webinar entitled HR Strategy 5.0, Sunday (17/4). Attended by more than 500 participants consisting of high school / vocational students, university students, and alumni. The webinar was presented by three speakers, namely Talita Zulmi, Human Resource (HR) Specialist, founder of Talk HR, and professional trainer, Yova Beltz, an education creator, and David Joseph a student from the  Management Study Program, PresUniv.

In the first session, Yofa discussed tips and tricks in making a CV and applying for jobs. She explained about the type and format of the CV. “Currently there are two types of CV that are most often being used, namely designed CV and ATS-friendly CV. Meanwhile, there are three formats, namely chronological, functional, and combination. Yofa said, the chronological format is highly recommended for fresh graduate or job seeker, because it emphasizes work or organization experience. While functional exposes the applicant's special skills and is suitable for those who want to change their career path. Then combination is a combination format between chronological and functional. According to Yofa, this format emphasizes skills that have been developed to an advanced level, so it is recommended for job seekers at the top level.

Meanwhile, Talita explained further about the role of HR. “HR is not only about recruitment and training. HR is an essential part of any company. HR  is responsible for managing development of the Human resource and to reaching company targets," she explained. She then explained the 6 pillars of HR, namely Recruitment Management, Compensation & Benefit, General Affairs, Training Development, Organization Development, and Industrial Relations. Talita also shared information about career opportunities in HR. And, David closed the presentation by discussing the benefits of diversity in the workplace and how HR plays a role in maintaining harmony from that diversity. (Silvia Desi Betrice, PR team. Photo: Silvia)