What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 08 Jun 2022

Two lecturers of President University (PresUniv) successfully received research funding from the Decentralization Program, Friday (6/5). The two lecturers are Andi Ina Yustina, M.Sc., a lecturer in the Accounting Study Program, and Dr. Ir. Yunita Ismail Masjud, M.Sc., a lecturer in Environmental Engineering Study Program. Andi Ina submitted a proposal entitled How Far are We Committed to Going for Green Accounting? Carbon Disclosure in The Context of Political Connection and Environmental Legitimacy Pressure in Indonesia, while Yunita's proposal is entitled Studi Pemanfaatan Ampas Kopi menjadi Briket dan Biodiesel sebagai Sumber Energi Terbarukan (Studi Kasus di Cikarang, Jawa Barat).

These research grants are from the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. The Decentralization Program consists of two schemes, namely Penelitian Dasar Unggulan Perguruan Tinggi (PDUPT) dan Penelitian Terapan Unggulan Perguruan Tinggi (PTUPT). PDUPT supports fundamental research projects that produce basic principles from new technology, concept formulation, and/or technology application, as well as proof of concept. Meanwhile, PTUPT is an applied research-oriented science and technology scheme that supports research in validation of ideas and concepts this applied research can take place in a laboratory, in the field, or other relevant environments.

Yunita said she was very delighted with this achievement. “Renewable energy is one of my research interests. I hope that my research will be a foundation and stimulus for further research in Renewable energy,” she said. Meanwhile, Andi Ina said, the topic of green accounting is very relevant to the issues currently being promoted by the government and the world. "This is important so that the financial statements presented are not misleading, but reliable and comparable," she explained. Ina hopes that her research can make a significant contribution to the formulation of government policies. (Gilang Suryanata, PR team. Photo: Gilang)