What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 20 Jun 2022

Many students attend career preparation seminars, but forget to reflect on the content themselves. As a result, they did not fully benefit from the seminar. So, make use of the benefits, information, facts, and insights from the career preparation seminars, do not let it pass you by. Take time for self-reflection. This was stated by Heri Hermawan S.Psi., CPC, Co-Founder and COO of Asa Berdaya as well as a career coach in the Invest in Yourself Class 2 2022 webinar entitled Career Preparation: Be Confident in Starting Your Career, Saturday (11/6). This webinar was organized by the Investment Club, President University (PresUniv).

The Investment Club is a club under the supervision of the PUMA Management which accommodates PresUniv students to learn to invest. For career preparation, Heri emphasized, learning from chess players. “They try to memorize and learn various patterns in order to determine their plans. If we can’t learn patterns and just use existing solutions, we will stagnate. People who can learn patterns will be more advanced and move faster,” he explained. Heri continued, that is also one of the reasons why many investors are successful, namely because they study patterns from various industries. "Patterns in careers can be learned by students from various activities, such as internships, organizations, and committees," he said.

In this webinar, Heri also shared some tips for the job interview process. First, prepare your mind and emotions, and avoid mental conditions that interfere with the interview process. Second, wear comfortable clothes according to the type of industry, as well as the right sitting or standing position. Finally, always focus on the person speaking. “Avoid a one-way interview process. Take this opportunity to ask questions. Interviews can be an opportunity for us to know more about the company. Through this conversation you can better understand the company, from the decision-making system, to the challenges and obstacles you will face at work,” said Heri. (Gilang Suryanata, PR team. Photo: Gilang)