What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 10 Apr 2017

Cikarang, Indonesia - The most awaited competition of all in Sport Olympiad President University (SOPU) 2017, Cheerleadance, took place on Friday (7/4) at the Basketball Court of the campus where Communication Studies' (SHARKS) squad once again successfully took away the gold medal of the competition along with the best flyer, best costume, and best dance predicate. The competition was being judged by Indah Setiani, S.Sos., Owner & Head Coach of The A Team Cheerleading Company Indonesia, Mike, Manager and Cheerleading Coach of Dreams All Stars Indonesia, and Roysi, Owner & Head of Cikarang Breakin' Dance. 

There were seven cheerleadance team that competed in this competition; Business Administration, Communication Studies, International Relations, Engineering, Management, Accounting, and Computing which each of the squad has to perform a combination of cheers and dancing skills in 10 minutes.

"This year I wanted to keep the sexy and cheerful label that people have on PCD (SHARKS). However, I added gangster concept in the squad to stand out amongst the others squad. Getting references from Michael Jackson dances and other sources, also always prioritizing the safety of the crews, we managed to perform our best with very much comforts. After four months of practices, though it is beyond our expectation, we deserve this win", explains Channy Anasthasia, the Captain of Communication Studies's Cheerleadance squad.

Communication Studies, Accounting, and Management came out as the three winners of this competition. Accounting, on the other hand, by winning second place in cheerleadance made themselves the general winner of SOPU 2017. (AA)