What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 21 Feb 2020

Hoping to continuously increase the quality of education within their study program, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Computer Science of President University visited the office of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) in the Puspitek Area, Serpong (20/2). This visit was warmly welcomed by the Head of Pusat Pembinaan, Pendidikan dan Pelatihan (Pusbindiklat) BPPT Suhendar I. Sachoemar and the Head of Balai Inkubator Teknologi (technology incubator) BPPT Anugerah Widiyanto.

On this occasion, the two briefly explained the role, function, and facilities that they have in BPPT. Aside from that, the dean and the heads of the study program, and lecturers of President University had the chance to visit a number of research laboratories at BPPT, such as Electrical Engineering Center, Information and Communication Engineering Center, Information and Communication Networking Center, Defense and Security industry Center, Machinery Technology, Production and Automation Center.

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering President University Dr.-Ing. Erwin Sitompul, M.Sc said, "This visit is very beneficial for us as to be introduced with the works of BPPT. Other than having their own research laboratories, BPPT also has Balai Inkubator Teknologi (BIT) to support the research and development of new inventions to become products that are well accepted by the users."

Furthermore, Erwin mentioned that from the research laboratories that they have visited, there are many opportunities available for lecturers and students of President University to do their research and internship programs that can be continued to become their final projects.

In line with Erwin, the Head of Information Technology Study Program Drs. Nur Hadisukmana, M.Sc. stated his interest in BIT. Along with the Head of the Master of Science in Information Technology Study Program Prof. Dr. Ir. Wiranto Herry Utomo, M.Kom., the two planned to send a proposal about technological innovation to BIT. He also mentioned the potential collaboration and partnerships in the form of e-government utilization training and the application of surveillance aviation technology in the telemetry field.

This visit was part of the implementation of the partnership that was signed by the President University and BPPT some time ago. (SL/APW)



Perkuat Kualitas Pembelajaran, Fakultas Teknik dan Fakultas Komputer President University Kunjungi BPPT

Ingin terus meningkatkan kualitas pembelajaran di program studinya, Fakultas Teknik dan Fakultas Komputer President University mengunjungi Kantor Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT) di Kawasan Puspitek, Serpong (20/2). Kunjungan ini disambut baik oleh Kepala Pusat Pembinaan, Pendidikan dan Pelatihan (Pusbindiklat) BPPT Suhendar I. Sachoemar dan Kepala Balai Inkubator Teknologi BPPT Anugerah Widiyanto.

Dalam kesempatan ini, keduanya menjelaskan secara singkat peran, fungsi, dan fasilitas yang dimiliki BPPT. Selain itu, dekan, kaprodi, dan dosen President University mendapat kesempatan untuk mengunjungi beberapa balai penelitian di BPPT, seperti Pusat Teknologi Elektronika, Pusat Teknologi Informasi & Komunikasi, Balai Jaringan Informasi & Komunikasi, Pusat Teknologi Industri Pertahanan & Keamanan, Balai Teknologi Mesin Perkakas, Produksi, dan Otomasi, serta Balai Inkubator Teknologi (BIT).

Dekan Fakultas Teknik President University Dr.-Ing. Erwin Sitompul, M.Sc mengatakan, “Kunjungan ini sangat bermanfaat untuk melihat apa yang dikerjakan oleh BPPT. Ternyata selain memiliki balai-balai penelitian, BPPT memiliki Balai Inkubator Teknologi (BIT) yang mendukung penemuan-penemuan agar dapat menjadi produk yang dapat diterima oleh pengguna.”

Lebih lanjut, Erwin mengungkapkan bahwa dari balai-balai penelitian yang dikunjungi, terbuka peluang bagi dosen dan mahasiswa President University untuk penelitian dan program magang yang dapat dilanjutkan menjadi tugas akhir.

Senada dengan Erwin, Kepala Program Studi Teknik Informatika Drs. Nur Hadisukmana, M.Sc. mengungkapkan ketertarikannya dengan BIT. Dirinya bersama Kepala Program Pascasarjana Teknik Informatika Prof. Dr. Ir. Wiranto Herry Utomo, M.Kom. merencanakan untuk mengirimkan proposal inovasi teknologi ke BIT. Ia juga menyebutkan potensi kerja sama pelatihan pemanfaatan e-government serta penerapan surveillance aviation technology dengan bidang telemetri.

Kunjungan ini merupakan bagian dari implementasi kerja sama yang telah ditandatangani President University dan BPPT beberapa waktu lalu. (SL)