What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 24 Feb 2020

Management students of President University visited the BCA Learning Institute, a learning facility owned by PT Bank Central Asia Tbk or commonly called Bank BCA (2/13). The company visit was organized by the Investment Club, a club under the supervision of the President University Management (PUMA Management) Student Association.

The company visit was carried out to provide knowledge about Financial Technology and e-money. Not only learning theory in the classroom, but students also gain first hand learning experience from the industry. In addition to students from Investment Club, Banking and Finance concentration Management students from 2017 and 2018 are also required to take part in this activity.

Cyntia Falen, one of the Management students batch 2018 who took part in the company visit, revealed that she learned a lot from this visit. "In addition to fintech, I saw that BCA is developed well because they invest a lot in training programs to develop the quality of their human resources," said Cyntia. (VA/SL)



Pelajari FinTech dan E-Money di BCA Learning Institute


Mahasiswa Management President University mengunjungi BCA Learning Institute, sebuah sarana pembelajaran yang dimiliki oleh PT Bank Central Asia Tbk atau biasa disebut Bank BCA (13/2). Company visit ini diselenggarakan oleh Investment Club, sebuah klub yang berada di bawah naungan Himpunan Mahasiswa Manajement President University (PUMA Management).

Kegiatan company visit ini dilakukan untuk memberikan pengetahuan mengenai Financial Technology dan e-money. Tidak hanya belajar teori di kelas, mahasiswa juga mendapatkan pengalaman belajar secara langsung dari industri. Selain mahasiswa anggota Investment Club, mahasiswa Manajemen konsentrasi Banking and Finance angkatan 2017 and 2018 juga diwajibkan untuk mengikuti kegiatan ini.

Cyntia Falen, salah satu mahasiswa Management angkatan 2018 yang mengikuti company visit ini mengungkapkan bahwa ia belajar banyak dari kunjungan ini. “Selain fintech, saya melihat bahwa perusahaan BCA berkembang karena mereka berinvestasi banyak di program pelatihan untuk mengembangkan kualitas SDMnya,” ujar Cyntia. (VE/SL)