What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 21 Apr 2017

Cikarang, Indonesia — Communication Study Program held a seminar with the theme “Managing Communication in Crisis” on Monday (17/4) at Charles Himawan Auditorium President University. Attending the seminar, Dr. Nicholaus Uskono M.Si, Corporate Secretary of iNewsTV and Pram Sanjaya, News Anchor of iNewsTV. Approximately 300 people attended the seminar including the Head of Communication Study Program of UNISMA, Head of Communication Study Program of President University, UNISMA students, President Senior High School students, and President University students.

The seminar is a part of Public Relations subject, aimed to teach the communication students on how to face and prevent crisis, to be proactive, and to be responsible.

The first speaker, Dr. Nicholaus Uskono M.Si, explained that mass media is currently becoming one of the most important thing. He also reminded the audiences to be careful and always filter the information from media.

“Do not distribute message immediately, read it first before you share it. Do not easily believe in one source or person”, said Nicholaus.

Being asked about the partnerships opportunity between MNC Group and President University, Nico explained that they are more than only a media group; they have MNC Finance, Insurance, etc. and they will welcome President University to join as an intern or as a professional employee.

Furthermore, in the second session of the seminar, Pram Sanjaya shares on how to be a good presenter. In order to make the seminar more interactive, he gave some tips on how to beat the nervous feeling and to control the tone of voice when reporting news. More on that, he invited some of the audiences to the stage to act as a presenter on live report news.

“This moment was really fun, because each audiences has different style in being presenter”, said Ulfa, participant of the seminar. (COMM)