Event Date: 22 Mar 2021

What is life like after the completion of university education? when education is finished does that also mean the lesson is over? Well actually, the reality is not. As long as we live, we will continue to learn. Lessons can be tucked into the decisions we make. Starting from the decision to transform into a job seeker, starting an entrepreneur, studying again to a higher level and other decisions.

Not infrequently the lessons that come to us in living life, come in the form of confusion. Confusion in making a decision, confusion in going through a selection process, and so on. Realizing this, as a mental health startup, and SetSail BizAccel collaborate in this webinar series - "LIFE AFTER GRADUATION" to accompany you in exploring a confusing life after graduation.

Later there will be 3 LUCKY PARTICIPANTS who will be selected to get EXCLUSIVE free counseling opportunities with professional counselors and E-Certificate for each of you. Check out this link for registration!