News & Information Office

Supporting President University’s visions in being a world class university, President University’s News & Information Office, handled by Public Relations Department, protects and promotes the reputation of the University in the media; deals with media and public enquiries; creates and educates public understanding toward the University; and disseminating research findings to the public to contribute to the community.

The office monitors and runs brand activities and media mentions on daily basis online and offline. Being responsible for official social media accounts like TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, our News & Information Office is standing in the frontline, creating the most direct conversation to the public.

For media relations please contact us at

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Event Management Office

With more than 30 unions and clubs in President University, students’ lives in the University are filled with empowering and nurturing activities ranged from academic seminars, celebrations, and sport olympiad.

Being responsible for approximately 200 events per year, our Event Management Office is responsible to monitors all the events with a clear standardization, creating a strategical and strong brand image for President University in public.
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