Published: 19 Oct 2021

La Ode Rifaldi Nedan Prakasa:

Diligently Participate in the Competition

La Ode Rifaldi Nedan Prakasa is a President University (PresUniv) graduate who graduated last Sunday (17/10). Born in Wakuru, Southeast Sulawesi, on August 18, 1998, while he was a student at the International Relations Study Program, La Ode was very active in participating in various competitions. He was also a frequent winner in competitions both at national and international levels. For example, La Ode won second place at the 2019 PGD UI International Student Paper Competition, and Best Male Delegate at the 2019 International Wonderful Education, also third place at the 2020 Eerie English Competition, and many more.

La Ode was an outstanding student of PresUniv who, in 2021, graduated with the title Magna Cum Laude. His Grade Point Average reached 3.94. Lao Ode was also active in organizations. He was a Secretary at the President University Student Council (PUSC). He also joined President University Model United Nations.

Currently, La Ode has worked in an investor relations consulting firm as an account executive. He is the company's representative to serve the needs of its main clients related to the company's communication strategy with the media, investors, and potential investors. Previously, La Ode had an internship at the Advisor Alliance Group (AAG), a financial consulting firm in Singapore.

La Ode revealed that in carrying out his current job in investor relations, he was greatly helped because he had taken several courses related to economics and business. He said, “Courses related to economics, such as Business and International Relations, Business Diplomacy and Politics and Multinational Corporation, really help me in working in today's companies.” (Silvia Desi Betrice, PR team. Photo: Silvi)