The Center for Language and Culture (CLC) at President University is established to provide an umbrella for the language learning and culture appreciation considering that the EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) is at the heart of the teaching and learning activities at the university.  

Even though English language-related learning becomes the major activities overseen by the center, culture appreciation is also one of the main concerns as language and culture are both sides of the same coin.  

The culture here refers to the academic culture and learning skills of students attaining higher education considering that diversity has been one of the major characteristics of President University’s student's population.  As a university support center, CLC contributes to the development of the students and faculties in terms of their English language skill development in teaching and learning activities and culture learning service.  Thus, the aim of CLC is to provide a safe, nonjudgmental, and inclusive space for learning English through tutorial activities and regular/seasonal workshops for students and faculties so they can function better in an EMI environment and beyond.  


The Center for Language and Culture at President University is an educational facility that cultivates language-related proficiency, facilitates context and culture-bound-reflective teaching and learning, enhances academic excellence, and further provides quality service and academic supports across all disciplines within the university.


The current mission of the Center for Language and Culture at President University is catering primarily to academia within President University in language-related proficiency development and culture appreciation to support the teaching/learning practices and academic/professional development.

The Center for Language and Culture, President University aims to:

  1. Assist in the development of language proficiency of students and faculties to enhance their participation and contribution to the teaching and learning process.
  2. Establish and maintain innovative language-related programs and services that meet the needs of academic students across various interdisciplinary curriculums.
  3. Promote academic excellence through comprehensive development of language skills and how to function well within the EMI setting.
  4. Provide valued tutoring, guidance, innovative workshops, diversified services, and extracurricular activities in support of independent learning.
  5. Enhance the development of peer tutors in providing quality language support services to best aid academic students and lecturers.
  6. Build professional affiliation with international and national institutions that will aid students and faculties academic and professional development and promote standards of excellence.

Programs and Services

The CLC promotes language teaching and learning activities through workshops, consultations, peer tutorials, and conversation sessions.  The center will particularly function as a resource tool to improve their language-related abilities in English by offering activities conducive to student and lecturer needs. 

1. Tutorial Program

The tutorial program will be the major service offered by CLC.  Tutoring will be delivered through one-on-one tutoring method.  The activities will include:

●    Our Writing Lab (OWL) 
●    English fluency/conversation practice 
●    Academic literacy and culture learning 
●    Independent proofreading/thesis language advising
●    Tutor-generated language learning


2. Non-Tutorial Program

Based on demand, CLC will deliver academic writing/workshops/in-class visit to increase students’ understanding of academic writing in general while introducing the OWL service.  Facilitators from OWL will propose particular themes based on the needs of the attendees (academic writing format, paragraph writing, essay writing, understanding writing instructions, proposal writing, writing across curriculum, professional-related writing, etc.)

3. Professional Development and Enrichment

a.    Teaching and Learning Forum (TeaLeaF)
This forum is designed for lecturers to share their knowledge and experience on teaching and learning activities.

b.    Scholarship Preparation Mentoring
Based on demand, CLC will facilitate mentorship activities for lecturers and students who are interested to further their studies abroad.  The scholarship returnees will serve as facilitators to share their experience in applying for scholarships, preparing their studies, cross-cultural experiences while abroad, and other professional/personal experiences.

c.    Culture-related Activities
CLC develops students’-initiated activities as follows: GOTCHA & Spelling Owl, English Debating Society, Book/Movie Discussion, English Lounge/Club, Mandarin Corner

d.    Events
English festival, Chinese New Year Festival, Cultural Diversity Workshop/General Lectures

e.    Research Club
Project, Conference Reports, Workshop, Publication


Our Writing Laboratories (OWL)
OWL President is a ‘safe’ place that will be particularly dedicated to facilitating students and lecturers with a collaborative and nurturing environment to enhance their academic writing competencies.  
OWL will also provide a friendly place for students/lecturers who want to practice their English-speaking abilities with a conversation buddy in a one-on-one tutoring format.

OWL will also conduct the following activities: 

  1. Writing tutorial service for students and lecturers
  2. Write-in Week/Day
  3. Thesis Language Advising
  4. Scholarship Application Preparation 

CLC's Contact

E-Mail :

Instagram : @clcpresuniv

Facebook : CLC President University

Whatsapp : +6281361316426